Feedback from our clients

When I decided to sell my unit in the Uptown District, I knew from Carla’s reputation that she was the agent to call. Yet she exceeded even those high expectations. We had an all-cash buyer within a week, with multiple offers over asking price. Her knowledge of the process helped me in every way. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. Five stars.
Jim Watters

I appreciate your very professional handling of the sale of my condo. You were always responsive and answered all my questions as a first-time home seller. You and your team took the worries out of the transaction. I was extremely pleased with the entire process and would look to you for any future real estate transactions that I will have in San Diego.
Thank you,

I hired Carla Coshow when I was faced with the decision to sell a condo in the HIllcrest Uptown District, which is 500 miles away from where I live.
Carla had buyers ready and the contracts to cover whatever needed to be done.
Everything was seamless from beginning to closing. I was very pleased with the outcome.
Joanne Kraemer

Thank you for the closing statement. And, I want to thank you, somewhat belatedly, for guiding me so patiently through the mysteries/trauma associated with Home Selling. I couldn’t have survived it without your professional guidance.
Sid Jackson

Whether you are new to San Diego or looking to invest, you can trust Carla Coshow’s professionalism and market savvy to find you the right home or property. Carla is a team player with great resources. She asks the right questions, adapts to your needs, communicates proactively—and most importantly she listens. She knows how to write an offer that will motivate sellers. Her quiet sense of humor and enthusiasm about finding just the right home reduced our stress. We feel so lucky to have met and worked with her.
Vonnie Madigan / Richard C. Osborn

Thank you Carla! I’m so grateful to you for including me in your first time home buyer class. Because of that I was able to buy my condo. You and Karina were both terrific! Now I have positive equity and a rental income!

We rented an apartment Carla managed at the Uptown District Condos and were impressed by her experience in the area, so we contracted with her to search for a condo to buy. The search lasted 9 months but at the end we found the perfect place. Carla was very patient with us and her knowledge of the area was extremely useful. She knew the ins and outs of many of the buildings we looked at and we valued her advice. She was great in explaining all the paperwork and offered options for choosing people to complete the purchase process (mortgage broker, property inspector, etc.). We never felt constrained or intimidated, the decisions were always up to us. Thank you, Carla, for helping us buy our new home!   Jerry L.

Carla has been my property manager for a few years and has been amazing.  Besides caring for my Uptown condo rental and finding the best tenants, she was able to find a top-floor dual master suite unit that was perfect for me.  She was able to sell my old unit very quickly and arranged to have my tenants stay with me and move to my new one.  This has been a relatively painless process for me, especially since I live in Northern California.  Thank you Carla and your talented Staff!   Rich S.

If you are looking for the most amazing, dynamic, determined and friendly agent in town, Carla (Coshow) is the woman for you!! nicknamed “the hammer” by her clients, carla is a no nonsense agent who is brilliant at what she does and has made many a family very happy finding homes in San Diego . . . she has been involved in real estate since the 70s, and it is her experience and depth of knowledge that makes her the best around . . . carla was so helpful and patient in our search for a house, and she helped us find the home of our dreams . . no one in san diego compares!!!  did i mention the chance to work with a self-made, independent and fierce woman?    Nikki

Carla helped us find our first home and kept us abreast of what was going on. After closing, she still kept in touch and stuck around to answer questions or give us advise. She really knows real estate and is a great resource.   Steve G.

My Partner and I have know Carla Coshow for about 10 years now.
As a fellow resident and neighbor in Uptown District (like Carla) it was a no brain-er to use her as our agent of choice for this purchase transaction.
Since Uptown has not undergone the same “forclosure trap” as many of our neighboring complexes have, our prices and market times have remained both steady and stable.
As Carla says “location, location, location” ! For this reason and many many others, Uptown continues to prove to be one of the most desirable addresses in Hillcrest.
With as much said, it is because of Carla’s tenacity and persistence that we were able to close the deal in such an easy non stressful manner.
We will use her again for our next Uptown property !   Wayne H.

We are first time home buyers and decided to go with Carla’s services as recommended by a friend. We are absolutely happy to say that everything went very smooth from the time we first met Carla & and her team to the time we closed Escrow. Being a first time home buyer, it involved lot of learning. Carla & and her team are very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions which helped us make right decisions at right times, starting from putting in an offer to closing Escrow. We took our time and looked at lot of homes instead of rushing into it, Carla never forced us to finalize on some property, instead gave us the time and information so we could choose the perfect home which suited our preferences. It is also very nice of Carla & and her team that they are responding to our queries about documentation etc even after we closed Escrow and moved to our new home. Overall, we are extremely satisfied and highly recommend Carla’s services to prospective home buyers.

I have been happy with Carla Coshow as property manager for my condo at Uptown since July of 2009. I like the fact that Carla lives at Uptown and thoroughly understands the “workings” of Uptown, the Board Members, and any politics that may be part of the “workings.”
To chose another property manager who didn’t or might not understand Uptown was something that I was afraid to do.
I owned and lived in my condo there at Uptown for approximately 15 years. During that time, I often attended Board meetings and often felt quite judgemental of Board decisions and management style by managers made in the last few years.
I often felt unheard by Board Members and by some HOA managers. Now, I am not speaking of all board members or all HOA managers, just some.
I feel that Carla knows how to diplomatically deal with Board members, HOA managers, my tenants, and the irritating neighbor that lives above my condo.
I feel that Carla is a knowledgeable diplomatic property manager who is a good Buffer between any problem and me.
I actually tend to think that I have a heavier hand than Carla. But I like how Carla has handled things for me & I intend to keep her.   Diana N.

I am writing as a reference for Carla Coshow. She has been an excellent property manager for my unit in the Uptown and was also able to find the perfect tenant for me. I couldn’t be happier with the services she provides.
Thank you,  Ken

I have been with Carla Coshow for many years and through a few tenants. Her choices for tenants are impeccable. She is totally reliable and gets the things that need to be done in my condo, immediately. She is also a very fine communicator and informs me quickly of anything that is going on with my unit. I recommend her most highly.   Renee

My name is Scott and I {own a home in Uptown at 1250 Cleveland}. Carla has been unbelievably helpful with my condo. I have found her to always be responsive, thorough, dependable, and fun to work with. I would highly recommend her to manage your unit.

Good Luck,   Scott